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I was born in Alberta and spent sixteen years in New Zealand before returning to Canada and the Okanagan, settling in Peachland, by chance.

In my twenty five years here I have been fortunate to have spent considerable time riding horseback in the hills and forests behind the town. It was inevitable that these experiences would become a subject for me.

This, along with a reverence for nature, and a preoccupation with the degradation of the natural world, gives focus to my work.

As my artistic practice developed I have experimented with a variety of media in the acrylic range. I began with representation but am finding I am more and more drawn to a contemporary style. 

I want my viewers to ask questions and am inspired by Takahiko Hayashi’s words  ‘ ‘what is told is connected only when the viewer asks’.

My goal as a painter is to take risks, I have learned there is no reason not to.

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